Thursday, March 26, 2009

All-New Superfriends Hour, Volume Two...and Beyond...

This DVD collection was released a few months ago, back in January 2009. I have just now gotten around to buying it...and the reason for the hold-up in purchasing the collection is because I was certain that it would become available at the local Wal*Mart store as quite a few DVD collections have...including the previous Superfriends collections...but after several weeks of checking and still no Season One, Volume Two I gave in and ordered it on-line and it arrived the other day. I watched DVD #1 and will watch the second DVD at a later date and once I do that I'll have a review written...and that brings me to my personal pointers of reviewing...

I tend to write my reviews in an enthusiastic manner...and I avoid using a lot of language that would suggest mockery toward what I review. I have genuine interest in everything I have a blog about.

First of all I feel that if you review something you have to understand it and second of all you must have some sort of respect for the audience of the material in which you're reviewing/critiquing because if you don't you won't be taken seriously. I know some people may not agree with that statement but that's how I feel. The first thing I look for when I read someone else's review is audience respect...the first hint of mockery renders a review useless to me. So, for me, I write my commentary for those who are fans of whatever I happen to spotlight...and being a fan of Superfriends I write from a fan's point of view. The fans of this series, and I am speaking of the 1970's/1980's versions, know how the animation is and they know the way the characters were depicted and the less-than-complex stories, so it is useless to point those things out over and over and so I don't. I also do not ridicule and make fun of anything I happen to like and so you'll only have serious commentary and opinion within my reviews.

I see a lot of commentary about this series all over the internet...some good, but mostly not so good. The old-school animation and storytelling techniques are looked down on today for the most part by a society that is compelled to compare everything with a modern-day mentality. This sort of thing severely cripples a lot of animated cartoons...not just the Superfriends but programs similar to it...cartoons made prior to the "oh so hip" 1990's.

There is a phrase called "Saturday morning TV" that critics like to talk negatively about. The imagery of kids in their pajamas eating their cereal for breakfast watching cartoons...oh, I should say sugary coated cereal with that yum-yum goodness which is how most people generalize cereal commercials from that era. There is a touch of sarcasm in that last sentence or two.

Anyway, those sort of images of children watching cartoons on Saturday morning...and chomping down on the various delicious flavors of Lucky Charms or Frosted Flakes cause most modern-day mom's and dad's to throw a fit and harp on sugary cereal, etc. etc. Anyone remember when Cap'n Crunch and other animated cereal mascot's became popular? A lot of the fun in watching Saturday morning cartoons was seeing the recurring commercials with the mascots. There was the previously mentioned Cap'n Lucky from "Lucky Charms", and then there was the CooCoo Bird on the "Cocoa Puffs" commercials and of course there was the Trix Rabbit...and Tony the Tiger...and on and on. There are still cereal commercials on the air but nothing like that era.

But anyway, I will have a review up when I finish watching and taking notes of the Season One, Volume Two DVD collection. Judging by DVD #1, the second DVD will be just as good. I often type my reviews here and then copy and paste them on Amazon's web-site, or, I by-pass the blog and write my review at Amazon.

I have all of the DVD collections that have been released on the Superfriends but you could have guessed that without me saying so...I have another blog entry about this series for those wanting further information on the series itself.

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