Monday, June 30, 2014

Guiding Light: 1937-2009...Part 10

I don't know how long these classic Guiding Light clips are going to remain on-line...but for now they're available on YouTube. The first clip is an episode from March 4, 1953 and it includes commercials...but these aren't your ordinary 10 or 20 second commercials which are commonplace today...these happen to be longer and much more detailed commercials and there's only one commercial spot per break. This means that there isn't half a dozen or so commercials flashing up on the screen.

For those not familiar with early television or, particularly, traditional daytime drama, these episodes are going to be a bit of a novelty due to the limited physical acting and the dramatic line readings. The episode centers around the Kathy Roberts Grant court trial...she's on trial for murder...

This episode, featuring James Lipton as Dick Grant, is from April 9, 1953...

This is the era of the soap that featured the step-daughter/step-mother rivalry of Kathy and Meta. In those early years Meta Bauer was married to Joe Roberts (Kathy's father). Prior to this, Meta had been married to a man named Ted White. He later turned up dead and, of course, Meta was the prime suspect of murder...and after a lengthy murder trial there was never an outcome. The judge declared the entire thing a mistrial given the unethical behavior and apparent personal vendetta against Meta by the prosecutor.

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