Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Government's Shut Down...And Life Goes On...

I recently came across a typical on-line article dealing with politics. The crux of the article dealt ith the Government shut down. A partial or full Government shut down that's being presented in this article as a "blame this party or that party" isn't the proper way to gauge this issue. The key word in this poll is "responsibility" and if anything Republican's should be thanked for attempting to put up road blocks to halt Obama's agenda. This idea that a Government shut down is a terrible thing and therefore a party is to be "blamed" is nothing more than a cat and mouse tactic. The Democrats, namely Obama, are the guilty ones in shutting down access to popular tourist attractions. The truth is, it's Obama's fault that people can't visit the various memorials and museums. In a partial Government shut down Obama actually has the ability to keep some things open and shut down other things. For instance, his party felt it extremely important to open up a closed Government building for a rally on Amnesty...but yet they've decided to close down other places of interest to create this "it's the Republican's fault" blame game.

Obama's a duplicitous, appalling, and serial lying man-child that has no interest in solving problems. He wants to issue edicts and dictates and if Republicans don't follow his every command then "it's their fault" if something goes bad...and a largely ignorant public goes along with that sentiment...when in truth, Obama and his party are the ones responsible for any misery that falls upon those being directly affected by the shut down. The national news likes to spotlight suffering and misery during times of Government shut downs and not surprisingly the top narrative is the potential lack of Government checks to veterans and others

There's a leftist bias in the national's always been back to the days when the original Democratic message didn't support division, jealousy, and special interest groups as it does today. This bias would have you believe that Republicans are "losing ground" with the public. Now, of course, nothing could be further from the truth.. The actual truth is the national media pushes that sentiment all day long on TV, on-line, and during radio newscasts...the psychological practice of repeating something so much it's perceived to be true is one of the oldest political tricks in the book. The phrase "perception is reality" is basically all that the Democrats are interested in. If they can make it appear that Republicans are to blame for every single thing that goes wrong then that's all that they're really concerned about. They're all looking ahead to that next election anyhow. You can say the same thing about some Republicans but the Democrats are the ones that employ that "perception is reality" technique the most.

Q: Can Obama be trusted to keep his word?

A: Every time the Republicans have caved on many issues with the promise from Obama that he'll set aside his rhetoric and work things out with the Republicans, he's never kept his promise or he hears their concerns but ultimately ignores what they have to say. Anyone that actually believes that Obama could ever do anything at the suggestion of the GOP is being hopelessly naive. He uses them to forge a false image of bi-partisanship but then throws them away once the cameras and microphones are off.

Q: Does Obama care about compromise?

A: Obama's all about himself. He has no compromising bone in his body and when you have a President like that, one that's uncompromising, condescending, and full of COULD an opposing party ever trust him or want to work with him again? This is why it's ultimately laughable that people could "blame" Republicans for any of this gridlock. The GOP has shown their willingness to compromise and have actually caved in on MANY issues that they shouldn't have...all in the name of compromise...but it's the stubborn Obama and his minions in Congress that have shown time and time again that they want it their way or the highway and yes, there's a long track record dating back to 2009 that proves it. Again, once a President ceases to have any shred of decency compounded with an unwillingness to give in for the sake of getting the Government back on track then he obviously doesn't have much room to cast blame but yet that's exactly what he did in his most recent attack speech.

He's a diabolical saboteur of the worst kind.

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