Monday, May 13, 2013

The Hair Bear Bunch DVD...

While looking through the blog entries in my archives I found that I had written a blog about the animated series "Help! It's the Hair Bear Bunch" back on December 4, 2009. At the time of that writing there wasn't any DVD in print offering the complete series but now there is. Released 2 months ago yesterday (March 12, 2013) was the Hair Bear Bunch DVD which contains all 16 episodes of the 1971-1972 series. You can find out more about it in the Amazon link found above. It, too, will be a future DVD purchase as I slowly but surely build up a personal collection of cartoons that I enjoyed as a kid and still enjoy. No, I wasn't around in 1971 or 1972 when the series originally aired...I came along in December of 1976...but I first saw this cartoon series, like many others my age, while watching the Cartoon Express on the USA Network in the 1980's and early 1990's. You can read my commentary about the show itself HERE. I don't usually put a time table on when I'll purchase anything but more than likely it'll happen this coming weekend.  

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