Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jumpin' Jack Doritos...

One of the things that I've been purchasing frequently when I stop inside a local U.D.F store is this Jumpin' Jack Doritos item. Usually whenever I walk down the potato chip and nacho aisle of any store I keep my eye open for any kind of 'new' flavor that I may want to try out. Like everyone else I, too, have certain flavors of chips/nachos that I won't even attempt to eat and then there are flavors that I'm more in favor of purchasing. Ironically, though, I have never spotted these pepper jack flavored Doritos in any of the local Wal*Mart stores. The only place I've seen them for sale is in a United Dairy Farmers location. Also, they're only available at that store in this smaller size. I haven't seen any family size bags of Jumpin' Jack Doritos, yet. I often buy pepper jack cheese anyway and so I knew when I saw this brand of Doritos that I'd more than likely love how they taste and I do. I've never been a fan of anything "super hot" or "super spicy" and so I've stayed away from products branded with the name Habanero and I stick with what I feel are less spicy offerings such as the original Doritos, the ranch flavored Doritos, the taco Doritos, or this current limited edition Jumpin' Jack Doritos.  

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