Monday, June 13, 2011

Hee-Haw: 1969-1992, Part Nine...

Howdy! There are several clips floating around on-line taken from the same Today Show segment. The particular segment on the morning news program spotlighted a recent get together of various Hee-Haw cast-members. One of the clips feature Buddy Alan while the other two clips feature commentary from Roy Clark and in a separate clip, Mel Tillis. Mel comments about the show and talks about his comedy CD. Since those particular video clips aren't uploaded on You Tube you'll have to Google them. The search phrases to use when surfing the internet are: "Hee-Haw + Today Show" or "Country Memories: The Cast of Hee-Haw Gets Together". More than likely you'll turn up web-sites owned and operated by NBC since that's the network that covered the get together. The reunion was to more than likely to commemorate the anniversary of the show's debut in 1969. The program debuted on June 15, 1969 as a summer replacement series on CBS. The summer episodes were a ratings winner and it was brought back in December 1969 as a mid-season replacement...airing until the spring of 1970. It later returned for one full season on CBS, 1970-1971, before going into syndication for 22 more seasons (1971-1992). In a lot of local markets the show aired in the same time-slot on local CBS stations which meant that a majority of viewers had no idea of the behind the scenes turmoil that went on with the on-again/off-again production cycle and it's cancellation by the network. As I mentioned in previous blog entries...the average viewer continued to watch Hee-Haw every Saturday evening for decades oblivious to the fact that it had become a syndicated series and was no longer financed by the network. (The average viewer of any TV show isn't going to pay attention to such detail!).

By the way...the summer season ran from June through September 1969.

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