Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shortest Presidential Terms

Down through the decades and centuries there have been a number of United States Presidents who have short terms in office. I'm not meaning one term Presidents, either. I'm meaning Presidents that served less than 4 years. There's not that many and so here's the run-down...

1. William Henry Harrison; 1841 {died in office}

2. Zachary Taylor; 1849-1850 {died in office}

3. Millard Fillmore; 1850-1853 {took over Presidency after Taylor's death.}

4. James Garfield; 1881 {assassinated}

5. Warren G. Harding; 1921-1923 {died in office}

6. John F. Kennedy; 1961-1963 {assassinated in an infamous motorcade in Texas; Lyndon Johnson took over and was elected officially in 1964 but due to the civil rights and other social controversies of the late 1960's he didn't seek the re-election in 1968. He gave a famous speech about not seeking re-election and he wouldn't accept the nomination by the Democrats should they go ahead and nominate him in the 1968 election.}

7. Gerald Ford; 1974-1977 {took over when Nixon resigned; Ford ran for official election in 1976 but lost to Jimmy Carter; Ford had appointed Vice President when Spiro Agnew resigned in 1973; Ford was then appointed the Presidency when Nixon resigned in 1974; This allowed Ford to have the unusual feat of serving in both the Vice Presidency and the Presidency without being elected by the people and this was used against him by the Democrats in 1976 by suggesting Ford wasn't a "real President" since he wasn't elected.}

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