Saturday, November 29, 2008

Captain Caveman!!!

As touched upon in the previous installment, Captain Cavemanboasted a total of 40 episodes.

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels was patterned after Scooby-Doo with a title derived from the ABC-TV program Charlie's Angels. The stories followed a mystery formula and the hook of the show centered around the logic and cunning of Captain Caveman. His club often served as a weapon but usually it helped him fly...a scrawny bird often popped out from the tip of the club and would sometimes help fly the Captain wherever he needed to be; a lot of the times the Captain would piece together clues or come up with far-reaching idea's that usually somehow worked in his favor by story's end. In addition to his club, he could also pull things out of his fur. The objects were outrageous...if he were to pull out something huge he'd stick his hand further into his fur and mumble to himself and often talk to himself saying something like "oooh, that tickles..." and grunt and snort and then pull out something as big as a table for example.

After the initial 40 episodes aired, 1977-1980, they would repeat often on Saturday mornings and later found a home on the USA program, Cartoon Express.

Captain Caveman turned up as part of The Flintstones Comedy Show in 1980 for 18 episodes where he appeared in a segment that spoofed not only Superman but also spoofed Lou Grant, a hit drama program starring Ed Asner, a character that Asner had played on Mary Tyler Moore's self-named comedy show in the 1970's. The Captain, along with Betty and Wilma, worked at The Daily Granite newspaper and their boss was Lou Granite. The Captain used a "secret identity" named Chester...and would secretly become Captain Caveman. This Flintstones Comedy Show was the only series that featured the character in a situation where he spoofed Superman.

The caveman character was brought back in 1986 as part of The Flintstone Kids and it was Mel Blanc's last regular voice acting job prior to his death in 1989. The Flintstone Kids aired for two seasons, 1986-1988. In addition to Captain Caveman on this series, Mel was the voice of Barney Rubble's father and Dino. There were 19 episodes produced of Captain Caveman and Son during 1986-1987 and 1987-1988. There were 24 episodes produced of Flintstone Kidswhich featured Dino in every episode and sometimes, when needed, Barney's father, Robert, both voiced by Mel. In addition to this, Dino had a segment of his own, airing for 19 episodes, called Dino's Dilemma's.

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